Using design thinking to combine delicacy of craft and knowledge of industrial production and building two brands: PLEASANT and YEYE, one focuses on gifts, stationeries and daily goods and the other presents high-class interior decorations.

Researching and challenging the possibility of craft, applying traditional material and technique in modern world, creating unexpected surprise in common daily life!


PLEASANT Presents: Classic Craft X Innovative Design

Focus on combining classic craft with innovative design, create modern home décor, gift objects and stationary, and try to connect traditional craft and daily life.


YEYE: Leaf Vein X Leather Texture

YEYE is an interior decoration brand combining delicate leather craft and beautiful shape of leaves. The design idea comes from the plants in Taiwan and aims to bring natural scenery indoor.

Classic Craft X Innovative Design

PLEASANT focuses on combining classic craft with innovative design; transforms the delicacy and material of traditional craft into refreshing daily boutique.

Development of leather craft is PLEASANT’s main task. We use different making skills and thinking logic upon leather craft but still keep its core value. The result shows that leather is capable for presenting different characters at once and has a lot of potential.

Challenge Craft with Industrial Knowledge

Stay with the spirit of craft and respect the material. Leather shows its unlimited possibility through color, grain and texture as well as during craft making process like extending, cutting and shaping.

PLEASANT challenges leather material with industrial technique, tests the boundary of it and uses the result in product developing. Intervening by modern industrial method, leather craft breaks its original restriction and shows a brand new style.

Boutique in Daily Life

With the culture of craft works and knowledge of industrial production, PLEASANT jumps out of the box and creates modern, stylish home décor, gift objects and stationaries, tries to connect traditional craft and daily life by delicate boutiques and delivers surprising blessing in the unexpected way!

Green Attraction

Taiwan is gifted by unique natural environment. Thousands of plants grow in mountain and forest and decorate the land lively. Falling in love with those amazing plants, YEYE steps in the forest, studies how the plants grow, collects hundreds of leaves to summarize different features and hopes to bring nature scenery indoor.

Leaf Vein X Leather Texture

Noticing the similarity between leaf vein and leather texture, YEYE tries to combine both. With an aim to do so, YEYE simulates plants’ appearance, simplifies leaves’ shape and develop a new molding technique that keeps leather soft and flexible after production. As a result, YEYE, a brand presenting leather decoration and fragrance with plants’ characteristic is now introduced.

A Forest of Leather Plants

With leather craft skills, YEYE presents forest scenery from broad-leaved plants to ferns. As leather plant has advantages of evergreen and easy maintenance, it becomes a great choice of interior decoration for busy modern people. Moreover, the unique grain and color leather generates as time pass by make YEYE an unusual, delicate art piece.

Leather Scenery in Daily Life

YEYE connects nature with design life and breaks the traditional image of interior planting and artificial plants. With the concept of leather plants, YEYE brings Taiwan’s unique plants into living spaces and creates lush forest scenery in daily life.