Present Your Blessing!

Feeling Difficult on Choosing Gifts?

There are so many special moments worth to memorize in life. Present the blessing by sending gift is an indispensable part of people’s life now. However, there are always some of us getting struggled and feeling confused in choosing gift objects.

Don’t worry, PLEASANT Presents contains both card and gift can help you getting rid of the trouble!

Card + Gift = PLEASANT Presents    

Turn the common image of greeting cards over, PLEASANT Presents combines the concept of card and gift and creates a new experience: receive and open the envelope, take out and fold up the animal, get surprised and feel the sincere blessing… this is the most unique way to deliver your words and will be the most unforgettable experience the receiver ever get.

Just make a guess, which kind of appearance will be shown on the face when he/she sees the little animal jumps out from the envelope?

Fold a Lively Leather Animal

We collect and summarize the features and movements of several animals such as a lazy cat stretching its body and a big whale swims deep in the sea, creates lovely and energetic leather sculpture in animals’ shape and shows the interesting side of leather material to the public.

Not only echoes the warmth of hand writing card with leather material, PLEASANT also creates unique leather sculpturing experience by apply origami concept on leather craft. Using a little origami skill and folding the leather to shape the outline, you can make a lively animal with a precise appearance in hand.

Named by Sincere Love: PLEASANT Zoo

PLEASANT Zoo not only contains the blessing from gift sender but also allows receiver to keep every sincere words in a different way. Those hand-made animal leather sculptures are gifts and decorations as well. People can build a small personal zoo at home, on the desk or any place possible and cherish each and every memorable moment by keeping cute little animals.

So, are you ready to take them home and send your blessing?

Little Mailman Delivers Your Heart

PLEASANT Zoo has several kinds of animals with different sizes and colors, allowing people to send their greetings through an appropriate one: a dexterous cat for smart sister’s birthday, a brave dog is suitable for a friend working in military, send a big whale to congratulate the diving license best friend finally got….

Besides leather animal, PLEASANT Zoo also provides accessories like an envelope, a card for writing, a folding introduction and a sealing sticker. You can get everything needed at once rather than running around and still find nothing. Also, PLEASANT use recycled leather as material to cut down the unnecessary waste in leather industry.

Present Your Blessing!

Pick a pen and write down your words, let’s present the blessing through the leather card! Animals in PLEASANT Zoo will shape the invisible blessing visible, deliver the sincere heart for memorable days and stay with the important one days and nights.