Geometric Cloud: Making Process

We wet the leather to make it soft and put it in the special mould.

The shape of the mould is counted by digital technique and try to reach the maximum extensibility  of  leather material.

After drying out the liquid and few steps of final fix, Geometric Cloud is done with the production and ready to go!

Easy Setting Up - Deer Card Metal

How to stand a Deer Card Metal?

  1. Bending Back & Gently Press It
  2. Bending Legs
  3. Bending Antlers
  4. Don't Forget The Tail ;)

Easy Setting Up - Deer Card Classic

How to stand a Deer Card Classic?

  1. Folding Back (Press Hard!!!)
  2. Folding Legs & Belt Lock
  3. Folding Antlers
  4. Locking The Belt
  5. Pull & Adjust Legs
  6. Don't Forget The Tail ;)