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A Lush Leather Forest Indoor

Decorate Life with Plants

Taiwan is gifted by unique natural environment. Thousands of plants grow in mountain and forest and decorate the land lively. Although people in city are not able to have that lovely view, we still hope to own some green in life. So we come up with the solution: artificial and potted plants.

Cheap Artificial Plants

How about artificial plants? People don’t really have to “plant” it and it is evergreen. Is artificial plant the solution?

The answer is no, the disadvantages of artificial plants pull some people back. The rough shape and cheap texture can’t present plants’ beauty and characteristics. For those who have persuasion and insistence on aesthetics, having such a shoddy thing around is the most unacceptable thing to do.

When Plants Meet Leather…

So, how can we plant those beautiful green in life? We notice that the grin on leather is highly similar to leaf veins, also, a specific molding technique makes leather possible to stay soft, flexible and thick after shaping. Leather seems to be the perfect answer!

We test, try and adjust the leather material and crafting technique several times, finally create a brand new interior decoration brand: YEYE.

A New Style of Leather Craft: YEYE Leather Plants

YEYE studies how the plants grow, collects hundreds of leaves to summarize different features and textures and interprets the appearances of plants through leather craft. Simplify the outline and mold the vein, YEYE keeps plants’ figure with leather’s softness to remain the characteristics of leaves from the wavy edge of nest fern to the round shape on fan palm.

Besides its beauty and easy maintenance, leather craft is artistic valuable, too. As time goes by, leather will generate unique grin with special color on the surface and become an unusual, delicate art piece.

Unique Texture of Vegetable Tanned Leather

YEYE uses vegetable tanned leather to produce leather plants. Without chemical material, it is safe for daily use and harmless to human body. Vegetable tanned leather also has the biggest similarity to natural leaves with its visual grin and tactile texture, and is soft and flexible enough to reproduce plants’ forms.

Vegetable tanned leather is a kind of genuine leather. It will generate special color, grin and texture according to time, daylight and the way people touch and use, allowing user to create their own species of plants.





⟡ 前調:松針、柏木、義大利紅桔
⟡ 中調:開司米、岩薔薇
⟡ 後調:龍涎木、黃葵、檀香


⟡ 前調:葡萄柚、檸檬
⟡ 中調:海鹽、海藻、紫羅蘭
⟡ 後調:鼠尾草、琥珀、麝香



⟡ 前調:柑橘、青檸、香檸檬
⟡ 中調:白丁香、羅勒百里香
⟡ 後調:琥珀木、香草根、廣藿香